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Fire Risk Assessment

Every year people are seriously injured or die as a result of fire in the workplace. Besides loss of life , fire costs Uk businesses millions of pounds each year from property damage, loss of business, compensation claims and insurance premiums.

Fire Risk Assessments Plymouth

In many cases, fires can be avoided by taking adequate fire precautions. If a fire does not break out by using effective preventative controls and procedures the effects can of course be minimised. In England, Wales and Scotland, new rules were introduced in October 2006, replacing most existing fire safety legislation. There is no longer a requirement for fire certificates but the emphasis is on preventing and reducing the risk of fires. These rules will apply to Northern Ireland in October 2008.

At AWL Group of Plymouth we offer a wide range of fire detection and alarm systems, based on the information from a fire risk assessment. A qualified surveyor will carry out a rigorous fire risk assessment before advising on the type of system required.

Anyone who has some control over premises must take reasonable steps to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can safely escape if there is a fire. The regulations apply to all non-domestic premises.

Fire Risk Assessments

What will a fire risk assessment from AWL Group involve?
Hazards to be identified
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Meet British Standards and insurance company requirements
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Regular maintenance can increase the serviceable life of your fire alarm systems.
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Regularly servicing and maintenance of your system, significantly improves the reliability and reduces false alarms.
People at Risk to be identified
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance People who work near to or with fire hazards
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance People who work in isolated areas e.g. storerooms or alone.
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Children or parents with babies
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Elderly people
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Disabled people
Evaluate, Remove or Reduce the Risk
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance If possible, get rid of the fire hazards that you have identified - e.g. remove waste build-ups
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Replace highly flammable materials with less flammable materials
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Keep anything that can start a fire away from flammable materials
Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance Have a designated safe-smoking policy for employees or customers who want to smoke in a designated area
Find Out More:
Fire Risk Assessment Download a HM Government information leaflet, providing a more in depth guide to making your premises safe from fire.
Fire Risk Assessment Download a Government information leaflet, providing guidance on ways to minimise the risk of fire at work.
Fire Risk Assessment Download a HSE information leaflet about working safely with flammable substances.
Fire Risk Assessment Download a HSE guide to Heath and safety in the work place.
Fire Risk Assessment Download a HSE introduction leaflet to heath and safety for small businesses

Fire Risk Assessment