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Commercial CCTV
A professionally installed closed circuit television (CCTV) system can not only act both as a powerful deterrent but can also provide vital evidence, against people that commit crimes such as burglary, theft, vandalism and assault, increasing the rate of conviction. CCTV can be used to protect valuable machinery, Property: - including schools, government buildings, retail stores, distribution centres and even your home.

At AWL Group, we have many years experience in the CCTV systems that we design and install. We will always design and install systems to be as effective as can be, whilst remaining user friendly.

We will individually tailor your CCTV System to suit the risk profile of your home or business. Due to great advances in technology, we can provide the latest camera and recording systems, which give high quality, clear images in colour at an affordable price, adapting systems to suit a full range of budgets. 

Contact us at AWL Group for more information on our comprehensive CCTV security systems from industry leaders such as Oneo, Dedicated Micros and many more.
Our Design Service
One of our fully qualified and trained surveyors at AWL Group will carry out a full risk assessment of your premises to highlight any security risks with pinpoint accuracy. From here we can ensure that your individually designed CCTV system will minimise the risk to your property. Digital CCTV Systems can be networked throughout your building and can include fixed internal and external cameras, covert cameras and fully functional dome cameras, all of which can be viewed on local monitors by authorised people using password protected log-in. All recordings can also be downloaded and saved on to disc. For more information, please email us at:
Commercial CCTV Installation Plymouth
Commercial CCTV Installation Plymouth
Staff minder Security Systems
Staff Minder systems use distress buttons, that can be installed behind a cash desk or reception desk, which transmit current CCTV images to a control room for viewing with immediate attention. Once received the trained operators will watch what is happening and act accordingly, the operators are able to communicate via speakers and microphones, which will be heard by all in the room.

At AWL Group we offer comprehensive monitoring and maintenance services for existing CCTV Systems. One of our experienced surveyors will visit your business premises and review your security system to ensure that the security system complies with the necessary standards. If the systems does not a full report will be made, detailing the areas in need of improvement.

For more information about our full range of CCTV Systems or if you are simply looking for a quote, contact our specialist security team and they will be happy to help. Commercial CCTV Installation Plymouth CCTV Installation.