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Commercial Intruder Alarms

It is official, Britain has the highest rate of burglary in Europe, and businesses that have no security systems in place are far more likely to be burgled.

We design each of our intruder alarms individually in order to reduce the risk of break-ins, damage and loss. Each of these intruder alarm security systems can be integrated or stand alone systems.

Intruder Alarms from AWL Group of Plymouth use the latest types of detectors which help reduce false alarms. We also use a wide range door and window contacts and a variety of alternative detectors these include; sound, break-glass sensors and vibration sensors for the best possible protection.

For more information on the our security systems contact AWL Group, Plymouth.

Our Intruder Alarm Design Service
At AWL Group we carry out a full risk assessment service before designing each security system which is most appropriate to the security needs of your business. All systems meet current Police and Insurance requirements. At the design stage many points would be discussed, the main two points being whether the commercial Intruder Alarm system would be wired or wireless., also the type of building and its security grading. All commercial intruder alarm systems can be integrated with other access control and CCTV Systems that may be in place.
Commercial Intruder Alarms Plymouth
Commercial Intruder Alarms Plymouth
Intruder Alarm Installation
Installation of the commercial intruder alarm system would be the next stage. Normally the wiring can be hidden from view however where this is not possible the best way top disguise the wiring will be discussed. Once our experienced installers have finished the installation of the commercial intruder alarm system full training will be given for usage of the system.

Our staff are continuously given training and given regular updates in order for that AWL Group remain up to date with the industry. At AWL Group, Plymouth we are also able to take over existing intruder alarm systems, offering a comprehensive monitoring and maintenance system.

One of our experienced surveyors will visit your business premises and review your security system to ensure that the security system complies with the necessary standards. If the systems does not a full report will be made, detailing the areas in need of improvement.

Our comprehensive service has a number of benefits that include: Just look at the benefits full risk assessment by an experienced surveyor, each intruder alarm system is individually designed including the latest technology to minimise false alarms.